Young pop Singer Bera

What is the most appreciable thing about this young pop singer it that he is constantly challenging himself. Even though he always strives for independence and wants to reach everything on his own, he often works with different people who give him more experience in different ways. Bera says it was fantastic working with Fusari and Jerkins. “We built a relationship. The vibe was really good and I really grew up with them. Artistically they gave me a lot.” While working with people on certain music you don’t only share opinion about your work but about life as well. While creating music, we get to know each other really well. They share their life experiences and morals while I share mine. At the end of this work It comes out that we became very close people. Hence I conclude that, it is really difficult to work with the person who is completely unacceptable for you. He or she can fit you in professional way but not as a person and these kind of interactions will not end up well thus music won’t come out as good as it was expected. Fortunately I have never had this kind of experience.

In his spear time Bera likes to do many things including exercising. He exercises very actively in the gym and does very good. Bera has life motto that everything he does in life, should be done with a high quality. That’s why the quality of everything he does is really good. Bera often exercises with his small brother who is 11 years old. For him Bera is ideal and he tries to become as successful as his elder brother. Bera often says that he has some kind of responsibility toward his brother. When you serve as an example for someone you should try your best not to betray that person and be a good example. When I was little I had that kind of person who was perfect for me. This was a big motivation I tried my best to become as successful as that person was. Finally I made it and I always thank that person for such big motivation. Even though life often gives us challenges we should somehow handle them in order to make the people around us proud. For me when I see proud and loving faces of my family members, it gives me strength and power to move forward and never stop working hard.

In his pop music, singer Bera often dedicates When I Fall In Love song to the themes such as independence and freedom. What he wants to do is awake feeling of justice inside the citizens, especially citizens of Georgia. Even though Bera is a famous pop singer he considers that his mission as a singer is to deliver some kind of message to his listeners. However it does not mean that he wants to get someone under his influence. “Most of the stars try to manipulate with their fans by delivering the ideology, which is similar to theirs. They know that people adore them thus they will blindly fallow everything they say. It is not correct understanding. What I try to di is to show my listeners a problem, introduce a reality and then let them choose rather they except it or not. In addition to that, what I try to reach is that I want my songs to serve as a motivation for my fans. I want them to find inspiration and motivation in my songs. I think that it will be most important achievement of mine.” Bera creates one of the best pop music of 2016 and he considers that one of his most outstanding achievements would be winning Grammy.

When Bera is abroad, he often misses his family members. He says that he would never imagine life without his loving family. As he travels for work he often explains that even though he is apart from his family he constantly thinks about them as if they are with him. His family is the main reason for his traveling. He does everything to make them proud and happy. Even though while traveling abroad he often spends sleepless nights sunk in his work, he has days when he simply isolates himself from surrounding and spends time remembering his family, talking with them on the phone, through internet and somehow fulfills this feeling of missing part of himself. As pop music star returns back to his homeland he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible. He enjoys being with them like nothing else. These are the people who raised him and without them he would never be who he is now. He feels thankfulness towards his family members and feels proud that he has this kind of relatives. Parents are people who love us the most and no one will be happy for our success as much as our parents will.